Tuesday, March 6, 2012

30 Day Challenge Card #2 - Heart Medallion

Afternoon everyone! Today was a beautiful day and it was so sunny and spring is finally here! I'm so excited and happy! So I hope you enjoy this card! Read on for more!

So today! I used these supplies!

Martha Stewart Circle Cutter
Love Me Paper Pad
Stampin' Up! Corner Rounder
Stampin' Up! 3 Hearts Punch
Creme Cardstock
Red Ink Pad
Sentiment of your choice

That's it! : )

Here I cut out 2 circles. The red circle is 2.5 inches and the pink circle is cut at 2 inches. But I decided to cut out 3 more creme circles to off set the hearts I'll be adhering to the circles. One is two sizes smaller than the pink circle, the second one is two sizes larger than the pink circle, and the thrid creme circle is two sizes larger than the red circle. Sorry for the confusion!

I punched out little hearts with my 3 Hearts Punch, I used the zig zag pattern in the Love Me Pad.

Here I took the dotted pattern paper and eyeballed the size and adhered it!

As you can see I punched out all the small hearts and adhered them around the red circle.

A lot went on in this photo. I punched out more small hearts from different patterned paper in the Love Me pad. I then adhered them around the pink circle. As I said before I cut out three more creme circles. One has 3 hearts from the Stampin' Up! 3 hearts punch out of the dotted paper and adhered to the smallest creme circle. I added dimensionals to the back of the creme circle. I adhered it to the pink circle and then second creme circle onto the back of the pink circle. Now I adhered the red circle to that and the last creme circle to the back of the red circle.... Gosh! Sounds like a lot huh? If your confused comment and I can make a video how to make medallions.

So here I cut two pieces of creme cardstock and trimmed out a triangle at the end of both then I stamped my sentiments onto them in red ink. I adhered them under the medallion. You can round the corners if you like to.. but I decided not to. The medallion is the finishing touch! Enjoy! Keep staying tuned to the card challenge! Thanks!


  1. WOW! The details made this card so great. I never thought of making a medalion like that. I think I will scraplift this one for sure.
    Thanks for the 'challenge'-looking forward to more ideas!

    1. Well thank you! Go for it ; ) I love this one also! It's my favorite! Wait till you see what I have up my sleeve today! But I'm not sure who to give this card to!

  2. This is my favorite of the series so far!! ;)
    The heart medallion gives alot of dimension. So Pretty !

    1. Thank you! I hope you enjoy today's card! And if you would like I could make a video on how to make the medallion!

  3. Carly,

    I love it! I love hearts and this is just way too cute! I love the special details too!!

    1. Thank you Diana and I do to! I think the little details make a card look even better